Chinese Shredded Chicken and Spinach Salad


Published: June 29, 2021


Haven’t updated anything on my page for weeks. It’s been tough for me recently because I have been having medical treatment. Some might have noticed I have had low GI and high protein diet for half a year. Doctor suggested me to have high protein diet so that I wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable during the treatment. Thus, fish, lean meat, tofu, and beans play the most important role in my recent diet, vegetables also.

The following recipe is one of my favourite salad in summer, simple ingredients, great taste, high protein and low carb. Sometimes I would eat with a small bunch of soba noodles, a tasty and healthy simple meal, even convenient for lunchbox.


How I prepare chicken breast

Chicken breast can be steamed, poached, or slow-cooked. Low-temperature cooking is the best way to produce juicy and tender chicken breast but it requires particular equipment. I prefer pan-frying the most, for it produces moist chicken with a little char-coaled fragrant. Here’s how I do –

  1. Use a small skillet with lid;
  2. Heat the pan in high heat and add a little oil;
  3. Season the chicken with a nip of salt and pepper;
  4. Put in the chicken, seal it double sides till golden brown;
  5. Then put on the lid, lower to medium heat – for a piece of 1 inch thick chicken breast, pan-fry for 5 minutes;
  6. Turn off the heat, but keep the lid on, let the meat steam in the pan for about 15 minutes;
  7. Now you can slice it or shred it.
Chinese salad dressing

This is a my staple combination for Chinese salad dressing –

  • Green onion, finely chopped
  • Minced garlic
  • Light soy sauce
  • Oyster sauce
  • Sesame dressing
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Chili flakes
  • Sesame oil

There are more options for you to mix and match –

Ingredients – for 2 serving
  • Spinach, 400g
  • Chicken breast, a large piece
Seasoning ingredients –
  • Green onion, 1 stalk
  • Minced garlic, 1/2tbsp
  • Light soy sauce, 1tbsp
  • Oyster sauce, 1tbsp
  • Sesame dressing, 2tbsp
  • Toasted sesame seeds, 1tbsp
  • Chili flakes, 1tsp
  • Sesame oil, 2tbsp
How to do –
  1. Heat a little oil on a small pan, sauté chicken breast in high heat till golden brown both sides, then cover the lid, lower to medium heat, and pan-fry for 5 minutes. Heat off and let the chicken steam in the pan for 15 more minutes;

2. Spinach washed thoroughly, cut off the root, blanch, set aside to cool down and squeeze some liquid out of spinach, roughly cut to bite size; Chicken hand-shredded. You could chill the chicken and spinach in room temperature or in fridge, or have them warm;

3. Mix the seasoning ingredients, also add the chicken juice in the dressing; Mix the ingredients well.

Chinese Shredded Chicken and Spinach Salad


Preparation time: 30mins
Serving: 2



spinach 400g

chicken breast 1

Seasoning Ingredients

green onion 1stalk

minced garlic 1/2tbsp

light soy sauce 1tbsp

oyster sauce 1tbsp

sesame dressing 2tbsp

toasted sesame seeds 1tbsp

chili flakes 1tsp

sesame oil 2tbsp


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