Finger-licking Crispy Salty Egg Yolk Chicken Wings


Published: November 17, 2019

I found half jar of salty duck egg yolk paste in my fridge and thought it had to be finished quickly otherwise it would be expired soon. This tasty paste is made of salty duck egg yolk. It takes effort to make the paste home since it needs a lot egg yolks but how not to waste the egg white. First you should poach a lot salty duck eggs; peel and remove the egg white, it’s a waste but quite difficult to finish such a large amount of egg white; mash the egg yolk; stir-fry the egg yolk in plenty of oil till fragrant; then store in jar.

Salty duck egg is Chinese preserved egg made by duck egg wrapped in damp and salted charcoal. It DOSEN’T have strange smell, not like century egg. The black coating can be easily removed. Then the egg is usually poached till set then served with congee. The most traditional Cantonese mooncake is always stuffed with at least one whole salty egg yolk. I like to make vegetable soup with it in summer, and make steamed meatcake pot rice in winter time, read Salty Duck Egg and Meatcake Pot Rice.

Salty duck egg yolk paste can be easily obtained worldwide nowadays. I used to make seafood and pumpkin soup with it, read Scallop, Tofu and Pumpkin Soup with Salty Egg Yolk Paste. Before using it in cooking, make sure you taste and see if it’s salty or not. And keep in fridge.

Salty egg yolk product has been very popular in recent years. Salty egg yolk crisps, salty egg yolk deep-fried fish skin, salty egg yolk fried chicken, salty egg yolk prawn, almost everything can be salty-egg-yolked. Honestly, it surely isn’t healthy at all. Those tastiest are usually guiltiest. But sometimes why not treat yourself better in a Friday night after a busy week?

In this recipe, instead of deep-frying, I pan-fry the chicken wings with thin and rough cornstarch coating. It’s still crispy though for sure not as crispy as deep-fried chicken, so eat them when hot. I don’t do much deep-frying home, it takes a long time to finish the oil. Or you could try air-frying, I know it’s heat recently. For those who still prefer deep-frying, follow my previous recipe of Garlicky Fried Chicken in Korean Style, the coating is thin and super crispy, and the crispiness can last for longer time.

Ingredients –

  • Chicken mid-wings, 14, about 650g, defrost;
  • Light soy sauce, 2tbsp;
  • Salt, half tsp;
  • Cooking wine, 1tbsp;
  • Freshly grated black pepper, a nip;
  • Cornstarch;
  • Salty duck egg yolk paste, 5tbsp.

How to do –
1. Chicken wings washed and dried with kitchen towel, scored the surface, put them all in a bowl, marinated with soy sauce, cooking wine, a nip of salt and pepper, in fridge for half an hour;

2. Coat the chicken wings roughly and thinly with cornstarch, otherwise it would absorb too much oil;

3. Heat some oil in hot pan, more oil than stir-frying, it’s like half pan-fry and half deep-fry. If you use non-stick pan, then less oil needed. In medium heat, pan-fry both sides of chicken wings till cooked thoroughly, flip constantly, cook for about 5 minutes for the thick side and 3 minutes for the thinner side in total, then turn up to high heat, pan-fry each side for 10 seconds till crispy, transfer them on kitchen towel;

4. Salty duck egg yolk paste contains oil, so no need to add extra oil. Clean the pan and stir-fry 4tbsp of the paste in medium-high heat till sizzling and fragrant;

5. Put in the chicken wings, toss and flip quickly till all coated well with salty egg yolk paste, then serve right away when hot!

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