Salty Duck Egg and Minced Pork Pot Rice


Published: December 7, 2018

I had some leftover pork mince and pickled mustard cabbage mixture that I made for dumplings yesterday. There wasn’t much so I thought it was good enough to make a quick pot rice for lunch. This is one of the most classic pot rice recipes.

Salty duck egg is preserved egg made by packing egg in damp and salted charcoal. Don’t be afraid. It DOSEN’T have strange smell. Cantonese like to have it with congee, stuff it in mooncake, make vegetable soup with it, and steam meatcake with it.

I posted another pot rice recipe before (see Cantonese Sausage Clay-pot Rice with Cast Iron Pot), so this is a quick recipe. The process is similar. Get to know your pot and how to make good rice with it. After that, you could do mix-and-match and find it so quick and easy to make pot rice at home.

Serve 2

  • Ingredients –
    Rice, 1 cup, about 250g;
    Salty duck egg, 1;
    Ground pork, 100g;
    Ginger, 5g, finely chopped;
    Garlic, 1 clove, finely chopped;
    Powdered white pepper, a nip;
    Salt, 1/2 tsp;
    Sugar, 1tsp;
    Pickled mustard cabbage, 30g, optional;
    Starch flour, 1tsp;
    Spring onion, for garnishing.

How to do –
1. Wash the rice and soak them in water for half an hour, the salty duck egg is salty so I don’t add extra salt in the rice;

2. Mix ground pork, ginger, garlic, and all seasoning ingredients together, stir in one direction for about 20 times till mixed well and the mixture firm;
3. Add 1tbsp of oil in a clay pot, or if you have induction hob installed, use a cast iron pot;
4. Put in the rice and add 1 cup of water, for soaked rice. If you don’t have time to soak the rice, then put in 1.5 cups of water;
5. Lid on and bring to boil in high heat. Then turn to low heat, steam for about 10 minutes;

6. At this stage, the rice has almost set but still moist. Gently roll the meat mixture into a ball and flatten with palms. Place it on top of the rice. Press down in the middle and crack the salty egg on the hole. Lid on and steam for 15 minutes in low heat;

7. I also made a quick stir-fried cabbage to go with the rice. It should be flavourful enough but feel free to sprinkle some light soy sauce on.

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