5 Healthy Chinese Salads in Hot Summer

appetizer Chinese food Chinese salad salad 凉菜

I love to have Chinese salad/Liang-cai for my dinner in summertime. Something hot, something cold, and soup, are the best meal combination in a Chinese dinningtable. I have been in blood sugar control and weight control so salad is the best choice – low GI, low carb, high protein and high fiber. Sometimes when I am lazy to prepare a full proper meal, I would have salad with cold noodles – poach some noodles, usually soba noodles or rice noodles; rinse in cold water to chill down; then mix with the salad and a bigger portion of dressing.

This is a my staple combination for Chinese salad dressing –

There are more options for you to mix and match –

Chinese Shredded Chicken and Spinach Salad


Chinese Zucchini Noodle Salad


Garlicky Spinach and Enoki Mushroom Salad


Squid and Cucumber Salad


Cherry Tomato in Preserved Plum Syrup