Korean Kimchi Sujebi Soup


Published: July 25, 2019

I like to make Korean soup or stew, for they need no difficult culinary skills and much concern. Sujebi is hand-pulled noodle-dough in irregular shape and in bite size. It’s a classic Korean homecooking noodle soup. Kimchi sujebi soup is my favourite. In my opinion, the broth is the key of tastier soup.

Ingredients –
All purpose flour, 1 cup, for 2 serving;
Kimchi, 1 cup;
Pork belly, 150g;
Canned tuna, 1, about 150g;
Potato, 1 medium size;
Green pepper, 1
Red pepper, 1;
Leek, half stalk;
Dry anchovies, 4;
Kelp, 20g;
Gallic, 3 cloves;
Korean chili paste, 1.5 tbsp;

How to do –
1. Let’s prepare the dough first. In this recipe, we need a wet dough, so use a mixing spoon to help. 1 cup of flour, a nip of salt, 1tsp of olive oil, a little less than half cup of water, mix them well. Covered with cling film and set aside;

2. Prepare the broth. Put anchovies, kelp, pork and 4 or 5 cups of water in soup pot, bring to boil then simmer in medium low heat for 20 minutes; When it’s done, drain. Pork cool to room temperature, sliced;

3. Potato peeled and chop into chunks; leek and peppers sliced; Kimchi also cut into bite size; remove the liquid in the canned tuna;

4. Except peppers and leek, put all other ingredients, 4 cups of broth and a generous tablespoon of Korean red chili paste in the soup pot, bring to boil then simmer in medium low heat till potato cooked;

5. Now the dough is ready. Knead or mix with the mixing spoon again. Then hold the big dough in hand, pull and stretch bite size dough with another hand, try to stretch thinly, put it in the boiling soup. Lid on and cook for 5 minutes;

6. Turn to high heat, put in pepper and leek, serve right away.

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