Home-made Gnocchi


Published: July 8, 2019

This is purely Italian but is one of my favourite noodles, and it’s easiest pasta you can make at home. It’s tastier when fresh but I will be leaving home for a few days, so I prepared a bit more, about 4 serving, and stored them in freezer.

Ingredients –
Potato, 2 big ones, 900g after peeled;
Egg, 1;
All-purpose flour, about 3 cups;
Salt and black pepper.

How to do –
1. Potato peeled, cut into big chunks and steamed thoroughly. Italian would cook potato in water then peel. This could reduce moist as much as possible. I think steaming could do the same trick and they can be cooked quickly;

2. Mash the cooked potatoes;

3. Place the mashed potato on board, let the moist steam away, seasoned with a nip of salt and freshly ground black pepper, crack an egg in, gradually whisk the egg;

4. Now mix with flour. For this amount of potato, I mix will almost 3cups of flour. Put in flour gradually, mix and knead till the dough not sticking on your hands. It’s even quicker than kneading many other types of dough;

5. Cut the big dough into long chunks and roll, then cut into about 1 inch size small doughs;

6. Let’s shape the gnocchi so that they can hold more sauce when cooking. Here are two simple ways – 1. Press the middle of the dough with your thumb; 2. Press the dough with a fork. That simple!

7. It’s lovely to cook gnocchi when freshly made but it’s alright to store them in freezer. They can be easily stick together so make sure you dust enough flour on and put them in food box portion by portion.

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