Seafood Tofu Soup, in homecooking style


Published: April 23, 2019

A follower wanted to make Seafood Tofu for her father but she wasn’t good at cooking and didn’t know how to prepare seafood. She wondered if I could write an easy recipe for this famous tofu dish.

Seafood Tofu is suitable for almost everyone, from very old to very young. You could use luxury seafood, even lobster, but I would like to write a homemade version that most people could afford and easily recreate at home.

Ingredients –
Shrimp, about 10, 1cup;
Big dry scallop, 2. Replace with 1cup of fresh scallops if you couldn’t obtain dry one. Dry scallop has much deeper flavour than fresh one and is good ingredient of any stock;
Firm silky tofu, 1. I use firm silky tofu so that it won’t break after cooking;
Beech mushroom, 1cup, or any tender mushroom, such as oyster or straw mushroom;
Carrot, 1/4cup;
Stalks of Chinese kale, 1/4cup, can be replaced by stalk of Choy Sum, or asparagus;
Egg, 1;
Chicken stock, 200ml;
Cornstarch, 2tbsp.

How to do –
1. Prepare the ingredients. Shrimp shell and innards removed; dry scallop soaked in hot water for half an hour; firm silky tofu cut into small cubes; beech mushroom roots removed; carrot sliced; vegetable stalks sliced; egg whisked;

2. Heat some oil in hot pan, put in the shrimps and pan-fry in high heat till both sides turn golden. This is just to seal the shrimps, they are not cooked at this stage;

3. Press the dry scallop with fingers and break it apart. In the same pan, put in the scallops together with the soaked water, add 1 cup of water, lid on, bring to boil then simmer in medium heat for 5 minutes;

4. Turn to high heat, put in tofu, mushroom, carrot, lid on and cook for 2 minutes;

5. Mix the chicken stock with 2tbsp of cornstarch, and pour in the pan, keep mixing with stirring spoon while adding in, bring to boil;

6. Keep high heat, put in the kale stalks and shrimps, keep the lid off, and let it cook for 2 minutes, have a taste but it shouldn’t need any more seasoning;

7. Add in the egg and turn off the heat immediately, serve hot.

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