Breakfast Rice Wrap, Shanghai Style


Published: March 29, 2019

Rice wrap is a very popular breakfast in Shanghai and cities around. It’s made of glutinous rice. Since I am a sincere glutinous rice lover, this food is also one of my favourite. It’s a filling breakfast choice and suitable for take-away lunch.

Different people have different interpretation of Rice Wrap. In my version, youtiao, also known as Chinese fried breadstick, seasoned pork floss and vegetable are must-have. It would be superb if you have some leftover braised pork belly. Any convenient food can be wrapped in, sausage, egg, pickle, even spam.

Serve 2

Ingredients –
Glutinous rice, 1 cup and 4tbsp;
Water, 1 and half cup;
Pork or any meat floss, 1 cup;
Egg, 2;
Youtiao, 1;
Hotdog sausage, 2;
Sweet sauce;
Baking paper / cooking paper.

How to do –
1. Soak the rice in water overnight. If you have an electric rice cooker, then it would be a lot easier. Since glutinous rice absorbs more water than usual rice, I would put a little bit more water than usual. For a big 2 portion, 1 cup and 4tbsp of glutinous with 1 and a half cup of water would be appropriate. If you don’t have a rice cooker, soak the rice overnight, then place the rice in a deep plate, steam for half an hour in a steamer or soup pot; When the rice is cooked nicely, loose it with a rice spoon and sprinkle a few drops of oil in so that it wouldn’t stick on the spoon;

2. While the rice is steaming, let’s prepare the filling ingredients. Fry the egg and hotdog sausages; Meat floss is a popular Asian snack so it can be obtained easily in any Asian grocery stores; Youtiao can be obtained in some of the Chinese grocery stores but if you can’t find them, use cruller, churro or any fried breadstick; cucumber cut into similar size as hotdog sausage; I use Cantonese sweet sauce in this recipe. Sweet sauce is the key seasoning sauce for rice wrap. But you could use ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or even HP sauce, why not;

3. If you have this rice wrap before, you would know it’s usually wrapped by cling film. But I would prefer to use baking paper. It’s saver, looks better, and can be torn apart more easily;
4. Place some rice on the baking paper, roughly flat with rice spoon, and leave some room each side;

5. Place some pork floss in the middle; Put on the youtiao, hotdog sausage, cucumber, fried egg, and sauce;

6. Now wrap it up slowly, press and roll the rice tightly. Fold the extra baking paper, like how you wrap sandwich. Also twist the two edges tightly. Then it’s ready to serve;
7. For me, half would be good enough for breakfast. I would wrap it with tinfoil and take away for lunch.

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