Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers


Published: March 26, 2019

In Hakka cuisine, it seems everything can be stuffed, most famous one is stuffed tofu, mushroom, aubergine, chili, etc, always meat in vegetable. As a half hakka, every time when I see something with pocket shape, I would consider if it can be stuffed.

I bought a packet of very fresh and sweet mini peppers yesterday and luckily, there was no green pepper. I always claim I don’t have discrimination on any food but green pepper is among the very few I don’t like. These lovely peppers are suitable to be stuffed. In this way, even those faddy kids would love to have them.

Ingredients –
Mini peppers, 250g;
Beef mince, 150g;
Pork mince, 100g;
Garlic, 3 cloves;
Cornstarch, 1tbsp;
Italian mixed herbs, 1tsp;
Black pepper, 1/2tsp;
Light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, Chinese cooking wine, roasted sesame seeds.

How to do –
1. Let’s prepare the ingredients. In this recipe, I like to mix beef and pork mince together. It’s up to your preference; Mini peppers halved and seeded;

2. Now season and mix the stuffing. In a big mixing bowl, put in the mince, 1tbsp of light soy sauce, 1tbsp of cornstarch, 1tsp of sugar, 1tsp of mixed Italian herbs or any herb you like, half tsp of black pepper, garlic minced, 2 or 3tbsp of water, mix well and stir in one direction for 2 minutes;

3. Stuff the meat mixture into the pepper pockets as much as possible, press tight;

4. Heat some oil in hot pan, put in the stuffed peppers, meat side down, fry in medium heat slowly till the meat is fully cooked and golden. Turn to other sides and fry the peppers till golden. They would become sweeter after frying;

5. It’s good enough to eat them like this but I would like to make a simple sauce. In a mixing bowl, pour in 2tbsp of oyster sauce, 1tbsp of light soy sauce, 1tsp of sugar, 2tbsp of cooking wine, and 2 or 3tbsp of water, mix well. Pour the sauce mixture in a pan, bring to boil and reduce the amount till sticky;

6. Lower the heat, put in the peppers, flip several times till all coated with sauce;

7. Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds and serve right away.

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