Stir-fried Chinese Broccoli with Mini Dry Fish


Published: March 15, 2019

This is a quick and simple recipe. Most Cantonese have lived in seaside or riverside, so it’s reasonable they know how to use and preserve aquacultural products. I have always kept some dry shrimp or fish in fridge. They can be very flexible.

I just bought some mini dry fish, thought they might be whitebait or anchovy. Usually I would make broth with them. But they are also good to be stir-fried with fresh green leafy vegetable, such as Choy Sum or Gai-lan.

Ingredients –

  1. Chinese broccoli, 250g
  2. Mini dry fish, 5 or 6, a small handful
  3. Ginger, 10g
  4. salt and sugar
  5. Cantonese rice wine / Chinese cooking wine, 1tbsp

How to do –
1. Chinese brocolli washed, removed the tough leaves and stalks, and torn into big bit size;
2. Ginger thinly sliced;
3. Heat some oil in a hot frying pan, put in the ginger and dry fish, stir-fry in medium high heat till fragrant;
4. Put in the vegetable, flip and stir-fry in high heat for 3 minutes till the vegetable turn greener and the leaves turn soft. Don’t overcook otherwise they are not crunchy anymore;
5. The mini fish should be a little salty so no need to season with too much salt. I would put in 1tsp of sugar and 1/2tsp of salt, 1tbsp of cooking wine. Flip the wok and stir-fry till all mixed well. Served with steamed rice and other meat or fish dish.

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