Kimchi Fried Rice


Published: March 6, 2019

The wisdom of fried rice is not to waste any leftover food. Among all types of fried rice, one of my favourite is kimchi fried rice. Though I am not a Korean, I always keep some kimchi cabbage in fridge. You could eat it with rice or noodle, or fry with pork, or make soup or stew, or just simply fry rice with it. I don’t think it does matter what ingredients you put in your fried rice. For me, kimchi is essential for sure, and sunny egg and sesame oil are definitely no wrong. Besides these, you could chop some ham or pork, or put in some frozen pea or sweetcorn, anything you like in your fridge or cupboard.

For making fried rice, I always prefer to use leftover rice, which has been kept in fridge or at least cool down. Unlike the Chinese fried rice I previously made, kimchi fried rice is usually served with a flat bottom pan so that there is rice crust at the bottom. Bowl is even not necessary. Just eat it casually with spoon directly from the pan.

Ingredients –
Kimchi, 1 1/2 cups;
Steamed rice, 3 cups;
Beef mince, 3/4 cup;
Onion, half;
Korean red chili paste, 2tbsp;
Spring onion, seaweed, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil.

How to do –
1. Onion and kimchi chopped to small dices;

2. In a flat bottom pan, put in some oil, fry the beef mince first;

3. Then in the same pan, put in the onion, fry till fragrant, keep medium high heat to high heat;

4. Move aside, put in the chopped kimchi, fry till fragrant;

5. While at the same time, in another pan, fry eggs, one for one person;

6. Put in the rice and season with Korean red chili paste, mix everything well, add a little water if it’s too dry in case the rice sticks to the bottom. Keep frying and flipping for a few minutes;

7. Have a taste and adjust with sugar or salt according to your preference. Then heat off. In the same pan, sprinkle some sesame oil on top. Put in the fried eggs, chopped spring onion, chopped seaweed and sesame seeds. Then it’s good to serve.

Mix well and tuck in!

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