Asparagus Lettuce Salad (with Crunchy Fruits)


Published: February 22, 2019

I like asparagus lettuce so much. It can be eaten hot and cold, my spicy pot must-have. And it can do mix-and-match with other vegetables or fruits in salad.

Ingredients –
Asparagus lettuce, 200g;
Chinese pear, 1;
Nectarine, 1;
Lemon, half;
Toasted walnut and white sesame seeds;
Salt, olive oil.

How to do –
1. Asparagus lettuce peeled, then sliced thinly with peeler;

2. Pear and nectarine cored and sliced thinly. If you the pear slices are not used immediately, soak them in lemon water in case they turn dark;

3. Mix with juice of half a lemon and a small pinch of salt, some olive oil. Then sprinkle walnut and sesame seeds on top.

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