Sweet Golden Semi-dry Oyster


Published: February 20, 2019

One of my favourite local produce in Hong Kong is semi-dry oyster. It has the deepest aroma of oyster. It’s a luxury food ingredients so usually my family would have in in important festivals, such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.

I would like to purchase a lot in winter, when it’s cold, windy and sunny. Semi-dry oyster is practically tasty in this weather. And I would keep them in freezer since they are semi-dry seafood, and take whenever I want during the year.

Because the ingredient is good enough, simple cooking method and seasoning are suggested.

Ingredients –
Semi-dry oyster, 10, about 20g each;
Ginger, 20g;
Spring onion, 20g;
Brown sugar, 1.5tbsp;
Light soy sauce, 1tbsp.

How to do –
1. Defrost the oyster in room temperature;

2. Wash slightly and dry with kitchen towel. Ginger sliced and spring onion cut into long stick, put on top and underneath the oyster. In a steamer with water boiling, steam in high heat for 10 minutes;

3. Remove the ginger and spring onion after steaming, but remember to keep the juice in the plate;

4. Heat a small pan, put in some oil, about 2tbsp. Turn down to medium low heat, put in the oysters and pan-fry double sides till golden. Be patient and don’t use high heat;

5. Put in sugar, light soy sauce and the oyster juice. Keep medium heat, flip gently till sugar melted, sauce reduced and coated on the oysters. Oyster is savoury so no salt is needed. A little soy sauce would do. Someone would use honey instead of sugar, but I only use good quality of sugar without extra flavour;

6. Serve right away. I usually sprinkle some chopped spring onion or sesame seeds for garnishing but for this dish, I definitely won’t. I want every mouthful of rich and pure oyster taste.

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