Teochew Pickled Mustard Cabbage, Pork Bone and Soya Bean Soup (CNY2019)


Published: January 24, 2019

In a Chinese feast there must be soup. In such a long holiday people will keep having heavy foods, so I planned to make a light soup, with juicy pickled mustard cabbage. This is a very classic Teochew soup. Teochew is one among the three key clans in Canton. Teochew people are good at making preserved food. There is a large population of Teochew all over the world and this common pickle can be obtained in most of the Chinese grocery store or supermarket.

Serve 8

Ingredients –
Pork bones, 700g, I prefer pork ribs with thicker meat;
Pickled mustard cabbage, 400g;
Soya bean, half cup;
Ginger, 30g;
Water, 8 cups.

How to do –

1. Soya beans need to be soaked in water overnight;

2. In a big soup pot, put in the soaked soya beans and 8 cups of water, bring to boil and then simmer in low heat for half an hour. Soya beans need a bit more time to cook;

3. Prepare the pork bones. Pork bones chopped into big chunks. In another pot, plenty of water in, bring to boil, then put in the pork bones, blench for a few minutes, then wash thoroughly;

4. Pickles cut into big chunks, washed and soaked in water for half an hour so as to eliminate a bit saltiness;

5. After half an hour, put in the pork and ginger slices, lid on, then simmer for 40 minutes;

6. After 40 minutes, put in all pickles, lid on, also simmer for 40 more minutes. Pickles shouldn’t be put in too early otherwise they would melt in the soup;

7. Have a taste. It should be salty enough and needs no more seasoning.

I always like to use sealed cast iron pot in slow cooking so that I don’t need to adjust the amount of water. Just put in enough water per portion.

This is a clear and light soup that can be eaten just like this. But it’s Chinese New Year, so I would make some dumplings to go with it.

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