Korean Kimchi Dumplings (CNY2019)


Published: January 24, 2019

It’s acknowledged that all Chinese must have dumplings in Chinese New Year, but actually Cantonese not included. However, I am a dumpling lover and good at making dumplings, so I would make some, to go with the soup. There is no need to prepare a big amount, three or four for one portion would be good enough.

I am making kimchi dumplings, yes, Korean! I like kimchi and its reddish colour is exactly perfect for New Year celebration. I would use the least spicy type in this recipe.

Dumplings are most delicious when freshly made but you might have a lot to prepare on the New Year’s Eve, so prepare them a day ahead and keep in freezer.

Serve 8

Ingredients –
Kimchi, 1 cup;
Pork mince, 300g. 6 portions of lean and 4 portions of fat;
Korean bean vermicelli, 50g;
Spring onion, 1/2 cup;
Light soy sauce, 1tbsp;
Sugar, 1tbsp;
Sesame oil 2tbsp;
Cornstarch, 1tbsp;
Coriander and fried garlic chips, optional, for garnishing.

How to do –

1. Kimchi and spring onion finely chopped;

2. Bean vermicelli soaked in water till soft then poached in water till easily break, then finely chopped;

3. In a big mixing bowl, put in all ingredients and seasoning ingredients, use a mixing spoon, stir in one direction for 150 times! Yes, that is necessary;

4. Make the dumplings! Well usually I would prefer to make the wraps myself but come on, there will be too much to prepare, why not use packed wraps;

5. Poach the dumplings. In a big soup pot, put in plenty of water and bring to boil. Put in the dumplings, lid covered till boiling again, add some cold water in, about 1 cup, and bring to boil again. Repeat this step two more times especially when your dumplings are frozen;

6, I would serve them with the soup I made in the previous blog. Garnish with coriander and fried garlic chips.

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