Sweet Potato Pancake


Published: January 11, 2019

I bought some purple potatoes and planned to make sweet soup or mini pancakes with glutinous rice flour. But my pal doesn’t eat much food made of glutinous rice flour. So I thought why not try making thin pancakes. I had never tried this combination before but it turned out to be very tasty, mildly sweet and pretty. They could be eaten just like this or as wraps. The ingredients are simple, only sweet potatoes and all-purpose flour. I don’t add any salt, sugar or oil in it. And it doesn’t take too much time in preparation.

Ingredients –
Purple sweet potato;
All-purpose flour.

How to do –
1. Purple sweet potato peeled, cut into small pieces and steamed. You could poach the sweet potato and drain, but don’t cut them into small chunks otherwise they would melt in water;

2. After steaming, I have about 500g cooked sweet potato. Put it in a big mixing bowl, no need to mash it;

3. Mix with flour right away when it’s very hot. I use 1 cup and 2tbsp of flour. Knead the dough for 10 minutes. Because the flour has been half-cooked by the hot potato, you wouldn’t find it difficult to knead the dough. It’s hard to say how much flour you need. Sometimes your sweet potato is moist sometimes not. Feel when you knead. I would prefer my dough a little moist;

4. Covered and let the dough rest for 1 hour;
5. Knead again for 1 or 2 minutes and divide the big dough into 6, about 100g each;

6. Roll to thin sheet. Dust some flour on the dough and the board;

7. I like to use non-stick pan because I don’t want to use any oil in this recipe. If not, add a little oil when pan-frying. Keep medium high heat, put in the pancake and fry for a few seconds till one side is set, then flip to the other side. Flip 2 or 3 times till the pancake is cooked. It should be quick, only takes one or two minutes to cook, since the hot sweet potato has steamed the flour.

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