Aubergine Pancake


Published: November 27, 2018

I posted this dish on social media before and friends asked me how to make it, so I write this recipe. This has been one of my families’ favourite home dishes since one day when it was too late to shop for food and I tried using whatever I had at home to make food. I had never realized egg and aubergine are such a good combination.

Serve 2

Ingredients –
Aubergine, 1
Egg, 2
Starch flour.

How to do –
1. Halve the aubergine but don’t cut it through. I usually use long big aubergine that can be easily obtained locally. But actually any types are alright. If you have those round ones, just halve them;
2. Steam the aubergine till it turns soft. Five to seven minutes in high heat should be enough. Check with a folk;

3. Let it cool down for a few minutes then place it in a flat plate, flatten it with a folk gently, try not to tear it apart, keep it whole, like a pancake;
4. Sprinkle some starch flour on both sides of the aubergine;
5. Whisk the eggs and add a pinch of salt. Carefully dip the aubergine into the egg;

6. Heat a bit more oil in hot pan, and fry the aubergine double-sided in medium heat, till turn golden;
7. It only takes a few minutes and serve hot.

It’s already very delicious just like this, crispy outside and soft inside. But I love to sprinkle some salt, black pepper, chili flakes and toasted sesame seeds on top. Or you could try ketchup, chili sauce, mustard, or mayonnaise. It’s a very adaptable dish.

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