King Trumpet Mushroom in Sambal Ulek Terasi


Published: October 26, 2018

I found this Sambal Ulek Terasi, meaning Indonesian traditional shrimp paste chili sauce, in a newly-opened South Asian grocery store nearby. I know shrimp paste well because it’s a traditional Cantonese seasoning ingredient. But I haven’t tried shrimp paste with chili sauce. So I thought I should have a try. It actually tastes very nice! The shrimp paste smell isn’t very obvious but it has a very refreshing lemon grass and herby smell, and is very spicy. King trumpet mushroom has a sweet seafood flavour and I think these two are good combination.

Ingredients –
King Trumpet Mushroom, 3, about 350g, sliced into about 2 millimeter’s thick;
Shrimp paste chili sauce, 3tbsp. It’s a chili sauce so remember to have a taste beforehand and reduce the amount of it if you can’t bear too much spiciness;
Oyster sauce, 2tbsp. The sweetness of oyster sauce can balance the spiciness of the chili paste. And they both have a little seafood flavour, I think they match well. If you don’t want too much chili sauce, increase the amount of oyster sauce;
Paprika and toasted sesame seeds, for garnishing.

How to do –
1. Mix the chili sauce and oyster sauce and spread the mixture on the mushroom slices. It may make your hands a little prickling, wear plastic gloves if so;
2. Mushroom would release quite a lot of juice so I used a cast iron pan to pan-fry them. Or you could bake them in oven, or barbecue. Oil in hot pan in medium heat, pan-fry double-sided till they turn golden brown;
3. Sprinkle some paprika and toasted sesame seeds on top for garnishing and serve.

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