Published: October 21, 2018

Traditionally Cantonese use a deep and big iron wok for cooking almost everything and a ceramic pot for making soups, like my two grandmas still do the same and I admire the most. But there are limitation and more choices in modern household, like mine. I have pans and pots for different purposes and am unable to use ceramic pot for soup because of my induction hob. Anyway, I manage to do all my boiling with pots I have.

The mini cute enamel one in front is a sauce pan that I would make sauces, melt butter and chocolate, reheat soup, heat milk, or poach one egg, such type of small portion boiling with. The big stainless pot on the right back does most of the large portion boiling, such as poaching noodles, dumplings, vegetables, or blanching meat, bones, and making soups and congee. And I steam food with it with a steamer placing on top.

The red enamel pot with glass lid is also used regularly for I usually eat alone and there’s no need to use a big pot cooking. It’s especially suitable for making noodle for one person. The white casserole pot is my favourite among the four though I wouldn’t use it quite often. I use it for casserole, of course, roasting and making soup sometimes. Though cast iron pot or wok need more patience in caring, such as to clean with special brush, dry with heat and oil afterward, they have good performance at maintaining stable heat and keeping moisture and flavour.

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