Published: October 21, 2018

I have been asked how I could make Chinese food with induction hob and what cooking utensil I use by friends on Instagram. So I am writing a brief introduction of what I use and how I cook.

I have an open kitchen in my tiny apartment. According to the local fire control regulation, open fire is banned at open kitchen and it has to be induction hob, so I concern a lot when choosing my cooking utensil. I only buy what I really need and those suitable for any types of hob.

These are the two woks I use the most daily. The one in front is made from cast iron with a wooden lid, which spreads heat evenly, keeps the pan warm for longer time and makes food golden easily. I usually do stir-fry, pan-fry, stew, braise, hot-pot, barbecue, almost everything with it. It’s super heavy and doesn’t have a side handle, so I can’t flip food in it. But I can easily serve food with it and take it to the dining table with its two top handles. Cast iron takes a bit effort to be taken care. Dishwashing detergent is absolutely unsuitable. I would dry it with heat after washing and oil it slightly every time after using. Once it’s carefully taken care, it can produce better flavour than any other types of wok and wouldn’t burn the food.

The other one is a big wok with non-sticky coating and a specially-designed glass lid that can stand. This wok has extra thick wall and bottom, though much lighter than the iron one. But I still manage to handle it and flip food with my strong left arm. I do most of my cooking with it as well, stir-fry, pan-fry, braise, sometimes poach, as it has higher wall than usual pans.

These three pan are much smaller and for particular usages. The one on the left is a non-stick pan with 20cm diameter. I make pancakes or do small portion of pan-fry with it. The pan in rectangle is a typical Tamagoyaki pan. Also I would make food in roll shape or rectangle shape with it. The last one is an even smaller cast iron pan. I usually make sunny side up egg, make sauces and heat up oil with it.

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