Pineapple and Chicken Fried Mixed Grains Rice


Published: October 19, 2018

Me and my pal both work at home today, so I made a quick and healthy fried mixed grains rice with what I have in the fridge and cupboard for lunch.

I once mentioned it’s better have leftover rice for fried rice because it’s less moist than newly cooked one. But what if you want to have fried rice and you don’t have leftover at fridge at the moment? Usually I would make the rice with rice cooker in the morning and let it cool down till noon or evening. This would save some time waiting and this is how I did this noon. Otherwise I would cool it down with electric fan.

Serve 2

Ingredients –
Mixed grains rice, 3/4 cup uncooked, and 3 cups cooked. Any pre packed mixed grains rice is good. Usually I would soak it for half an hour before cooking;
Chicken breast, 200g;
Frozen shrimp, 100g;
Canned pinapple, 150g;
Green radish, 100g, for garnishing, any green vegetable is okay, cucumber, frozen pea, etc;
Dry red chili, 2;
Nut, a handful, smashed, any nuts are perfect;
Paprika, sugar, salt, light soy sauce, starch flour.

How to do –
1. Cut the chicken breast into small cubes, marinade with 1tbsp of light soy sauce, 1tsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of starch flour, half tsp of salt, and 1tbsp of Shaoxing rice wine. Mix well and set aside;
2. Shrimp defrosted; pineapple cut into dices; green radish cut into small dices; dry red chili finely chopped, optional, but I like to balance the sweetness with a bit spiciness;
3. Oil in a hot big stir-fry pan, add in the chicken and pan fry till they are almost cooked;
4. Move aside, add in the shrimp and red chili, pan fry double-sided till they turn pink;
5, Add in the radish, rice and mix well while stir-frying. Usually mixed grains rice is not very lumpy. Add in some of the juice in the pineapple can but keep the heat high, otherwise the rice would become starchy;
6. When some of the rice turn golden brown then the fried rice is done, have a taste and lightly season with salt. Add in the pineapple chunks and stir well, heat off;
7. Serve with a nip of paprika and some nuts on top.

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