Published: October 17, 2018

I went to Guangzhou yesterday for some business. I used to work and live there for ten years and have so many memories. It’s my favourite city in China and I still went back constantly to meet old friends and colleagues.

My schedule was very full but I managed to go to the Peking cuisine restaurant for some take-away snack and cooked meat. My apartment was nearby so I sometimes went there for some traditional Peking cakes or bings, or some cooked meat when I was lazy to prepare dinner. Its take-away window was always queued by hungry people.

I bought two snacks this time, 驴打滚 Ludagunr,Rolling Donkey, it’s steamed glutinous rice roll with red bean paste filling and sweet pea flour coating, just like donkey rolling in the sand, and 麻酱烧饼, baked crispy pastry with sesame paste filling. These two are my longtime favourite. And I also bought some marinated beef as well. I would make a spicy cucumber and beef salad with it!

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