Spiced Beef Shank


Published: October 4, 2018

I bought some good beef shank and am going to marinade them. It can be a side dish and also a snack. Me and my pal like to have a glass of cold beer or wine after shower at night, this is the snack we would have with alcohol. This recipe is very easy. It seems there are various spices needed, but actually you could just buy the premixed spices or marinade sauce. I believe they can be easily obtained in any Chinese grocery store.

Ingredients –
Boneless beef shank, 1kg. If you don’t like shank, any lean beef is good enough;
Dark soy sauce, 5tbsp;
Light soy sauce, 5tbsp;
Star anise, 2;
Bay leaf, 2;
Chinese cinnamon, 1;
Chinese red pepper, handful, about 30;
Clove, 5;
Dry red chili, 5;
Shaoxing wine, 3tbsp;
Ginger, 30g, smashed;
Salt, 3tsp;
Sugar, 3tsp.

How to do –
1. Cold water and beef shank in deep pot, bring to boil and rinse the beef in clean water;
2. Add the beef and all spices and seasoning ingredients in a deep pot, I prefer to use casting iron pot so that the marinade sauce wouldn’t evaporated while cooking. Add enough water till the beef is covered;
3. Bring to boil, have a taste of the sauce, and adjust with salt and sugar. It should taste a little salty since we wouldn’t eat the sauce. Then simmer for an hour in low heat;
4. Turn off the heat and let the beef sit in the pot for two hours, overnight even better. I usually make it in the morning and serve in the evening, or prepare it in the evening and serve the day after;
5. Slice thinly. If I serve it as a side dish, I would like to mix it with chili oil and shredded cucumber. I usually prepare a big amount, put in fridge and take whenever I want.

Marinading is a very common Chinese cooking method. We marinade meat, fish, tofu, vegetables (usually root vegetables). After finishing one marinading dish, I wouldn’t pour off the sauce. Sieve the spices from the sauce and keep the liquid in a jar, always store in freezer, and save for next time.

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