Steamed Garlicky Shiitake Mushroom


Published: September 7, 2018

I have been in a more vegetables diet for years. At the beginning it was a little difficult because I liked food with stronger taste. But after years of practicing and learning, I have had a long list of vegetarian dishes full of flavour.

I bought some big good Shiitake mushrooms in the farmer’s market today and thought I could make a garlicky dish. If you are a garlic lover like me, you definitely need to try this.

Ingredients –
12 big Shiitake mushrooms
Two whole garlics, peeled, minced, about half cup
Six dry red chili, also minced, reduce amount if you don’t like it too spicy
A pinch of spring onion, for garnishing
Seasoning ingredients –
4 tbsp oil
2 tbsp light soy sauce
Half tsp sugar
A pinch of powdered cumin seed

How to do –
1. Prepare the garlic stuffing. Oil in hot pan, garlic and dry red chili in, and fry for a minute till colour changes. Add in the soy sauce and sugar, and turn off the heat;
2. Stuff the garlic into the mushrooms and put them in a deep plate. If you have bean vermicelli you could bed some of it underneath the mushroom so as to absorb the sweet juice. Make sure to soak them in water till it becomes soft beforehand;
3. Steam in high heat for eight minutes. Remember to wrap the lid with a clean and dry kitchencloth in order to prevent steam dropping onto the plate;
4. Sprinkle a pinch of powdered cumin seed and garnish with chopped spring onion.

Besides steaming, baking or grilling the mushrooms could produce the same yummy taste. You could try other types of mushrooms with this recipe.

What do you think? Share your ideas below.

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