Deep-fried Wonton


Published: August 24, 2018

I was making wontons this afternoon and suddenly I thought why not making some fried wontons. I haven’t had them for over twenty years I guess. It used to be my snack after school. Dad would make me some before dinner. Not very often because fried food was considered not healthy. There weren’t many choices of crisps many many years ago in my hometown and kids all liked fried food. I haven’t had any deep-fried food at home for years. My families prefer simple cooking such as steaming or poaching. And fried wontons are no longer common at restaurants or noodle bistros nowadays.

The stuffing of the wontons I made today is made of pork mince, dry shrimp and lotus root. There are various shapes of wontons. The ones I usually make are actually not Cantonese style but Shanghai-style. But for fried wontons, it has to be in Cantonese style, since the stuffing is not important but the flower shaped wonton wrap.

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