Sour and Spicy Shredded Potato


Published: August 20, 2018

Fried Sour and Spicy Shredded Patato is a very easy common home-cooking dish. Potato in this dish is crispy, not starchy. I have some jars of pickled vegetables so I would like to add some of them.

Ingredient –
One big potato, in any types;
Half pickled onion and cucumber, one pickled green pepper;
some dry red chili and garlic;
Pickles and chili are optional. In fact, fresh vegetables are usually chosen. If you don’t add any spiciness in, then the dish would be called Sour Shredded Potato. It should taste good as well but I like spicy food so I would definitely add chili and pepper.

How to do –
1. Shred the potato and soak them in water for a while, this can help to wash off the starch in the surface. If you don’t want any starchy texture of the potato, soak for a big longer, this is what I usually do;
2. Chop the pickles into slices. It’s no necessary to use pickle. You could just add some fresh pepper or onion. Pickles can add different layers of sourness and texture in the dish but this is only my version, my preference, usually people won’t use pickle but any handy root vegetables;
3. Oil in hot pan, add the garlic and chili till there’s fragrance. Then add the potato and fry. It should be cooked through quickly since it has been shredded. Then add other vegetables. The pickles can just be eaten without cooking. If you use fresh vegetables, giving them a fry for a few seconds in high heat would be better;
4. Season with salt, sugar, tiny bit soy sauce, and most important, good rice vinegar, that’s where the sourness comes from. Have a taste for further adjustment;
5. Serve hot. But in summertime, chilling it in fridge for a while would be just great.

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