Taro and Sweet Potato Balls and Sago in the Seeds of Job’s Tear Sweet Soup


Published: August 16, 2018

It has been raining for a week. As a Cantonese, the seeds of Job’s tear is essential for every humid spring and summer. Cantonese believe this grain can help to eliminate the humidity in the body. Believe it or not, my family has used it for various soups for generations and generations. During summer, I would like to make tea with it, store it in fridge and drink it just like water.

Also, this tea can be a base of one of my favourite dessert – Taro and Sweet Potato Balls and Sago in the Seeds of Job’s Tear Sweet Soup. I am a big fan of any chewy texture food, so I made a huge amount of taro balls and sweet potato balls. They help me to live through a half-year long summer in Hong Kong.

Ingredient –
Taro balls and sweet potato balls, handful of sago and seeds of Job’s tear, coconut milk

How to do –
1. Prepare the seeds of Job’s tear first. Usually I would add 8 cups of water for 1 cup of the grain. The grain doesn’t have obvious flavour so don’t worry if you put too much. Soak the grain for at least an hour. Then boil them and simmer for an hour till you see they expand and can be easily crumbed. season with sugar. I usually make a lot and put in fridge, take whenever I want;
2. Prepare the sago. Sago is in white rice shape and contains quite a lot starch. I like to wash off the starch a little bit. I add 10 cups of water for 1 cup of sago. Bring to boil and simmer for about 15 minutes, you would see the surface becomes translucent but there is still white bit in the center. Don’t worry, turn off the heat, lid on, let it cool down in the pot. It would become totally translucent in a while. A handful of sago can expand to more than 10 times large, so don’t make too much. If you do, don’t worry, I usually put them in fridge also and use it for other desserts;
3. Now poach the balls. I will post how to make and cook taro balls recently.

Mix all cooked ingredients together and have a taste, balls have natural sweetness but if you like it sweeter, season with syrup. At last, sprinkle some coconut milk on top. That makes a perfect summertime afternoon dessert!

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