Steamed Egg and Tofu


Published: August 15, 2018

My pal’s eating habit was spoiled when he was a kid. He still finds it difficult to have food with tricky bones, such as fishbone or chicken bones, or food with special taste, such as entrails. On the contrary, I don’t have any discrimination on food. My parents was happy to find I was born to be a food lover. Since me and my pal got together many years ago, He has gradually become more “tolerant” towards food.

But his favourite are still tofu and steamed egg, those needn’t any biting. So I made a collaboration of these two, Steamed Tofu and Egg.

Ingredient –
Silky or tough silky tofu;
two large eggs;
salt, 1tsp;
light soy sauce, 1tbsp;
spring onion, finely chopped, 1tbsp;
a pinch of toasted sesame seeds;
sesame oil, 1tbsp.

How to do –
1. Slice the tofu carefully into thick slices and layer them in the middle of a deep plate;
2. Whisk the eggs and mix with same quantity of water, my experience is to use warm water. This can help to make successful silky steamed egg. Do experiment several times to get your favourite texture. Add a pinch of salt for seasoning;
3. Now pour the egg mixture into the plate and steam in high heat for about 8 minutes. My trick of not letting the water vapour dropping onto the dish is to wrap the lid with a dry towel. Or you could cover the plate with cling film. But this might need a bit more time to cook through the egg;
4. When it’s done, sprinkle some good soy sauce, sesame seed oil, toasted sesame seed and some chopped spring onion.

This is quick, simple and healthy and good for children and the seniors. Do have a try!

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