Mixed Bean Sweet Soup with Taro Balls


Published: August 9, 2018

Cantonese are good at making soups and sweet soups. Among them, different types of bean sweet soups are all-year essential. They can be served hot and cool. Green bean and red bean are the most common. Today I made mixed bean sweet soup. You can choose beans you like but I was lazy, I just bought in those prepacked mixed beans in the grocery store.

It’s so easy to make this dessert. Soak the beans for half a day or overnight, otherwise it would take quite a lot of time to simmer. Don’t add sugar too early otherwise the sweet soup would turn a little sour. And I also add some of my taro and sweet potato balls in the soup and eat it cold.

I usually make a lot and put in small containers. It’s perfect for my family’s working day afternoon dessert.

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