Sugar Pickled Lemon


Published: August 6, 2018

I have consumed jars of this pickled lemon this summer! Lemon tea is the most popular drink in Hong Kong. When in tea bistro, I usually order iced lemon tea. And I used to have lemon tea soft drink in fridge all the time. But I started making lemon tea at home and stopped buy in soft drink. Sugar Pickled Lemon can instantly add a bit freshness to a glass of plain water or black tea. They have deeper flavour than fresh lemon.

Ingredients –
Lemons, and sugar

How to do –
1. Clean the lemons thoroughly and wipe off all water. Make sure there’s no water drops on the lemons and in the jars;
2. Cut the lemons into about 5 millimeters slices;
3. Layer the lemon slices with sugar. I would use 1 teaspoon for 1 slice;
4. Keep in fridge.

Sugar would extract the acid from the lemon so you would see there is more and more juice in the bottom of the jar day by day. They can be kept in fridge in weeks but I can finish these two jars in two weeks.

I have always kept jars of this handy sugar pickled lemon in fridge all through this summer. Glasses of frizzy herby cool lemonade or lemon tea with no matter black tea or green tea, or icy coffee with slices of pickled lemon, helped me get through those sweaty afternoons and dull mornings in this hot summer.

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