Noodle with Spring Onion Oil


Published: July 25, 2018

I made a jar of spring onion oil! It’s so aromatic that even a neighbour asked me what I cooked! This oil can be kept in fridge and is the perfect partner of noodles. The recipe is very simple.

  • Ingredients –
    Spring onion, 100g, cut into about 4cm’s long; Spring onion will shrink quite a lot after deep-frying. The white part of the spring onion wouldn’t be used in this recipe so cut them off and leave for other dishes;
    Oil, 1cup. Traditionally people would use lard, but for health reason nowadays vegetable oil without strong flavour is better;
    Mini dry shrimp, 30g. This is optional;
    Dark soy sauce, 1tbsp;
    Light soy sauce, 4tbsp;
    Sugar, 1tbsp.

How to do –
1. Deep-fry the spring onions and shrimps all together in medium heat. Be patient and stir the spring onions constantly;
2. When they all turn a little golden on the edge, lower the heat and put the soy sauce and sugar in, stir well, then turn off the heat;
3. Keep in a jar and store in fridge.

If you are a vegetarian or you don’t know where to obtain mini dry shrimp, then just don’t use it. Simple spring onion oil is good enough to be mixed with any noodle or wonton, or a spoonful of it could bring a simple steamed fish to a higher level.

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