Simple Food to Boost Immune System

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I am aware of the challenging times my friends are facing due to the COVID-19 just like what I have been through for the previous two months. What a time this is for all of us. My thoughts go out to everyone and hope you all stay safe and healthy. As you may stay home more often and it’s highly suggested that you cook at home, I have generated some of my recipes that can help to strengthen your immune system through natural food. Feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong. My all-time food principle is, be seasonal, be balanced. Eating properly helps you to maintain a healthier body.

Taro and mini Tang Yuan in Ginger infused Syrup


Winter Meal – Shredded Duck Meat Salad, with Radish and Duck Soup, Steamed Rice


Gorgon Nuts Congee


Poached Pear with Goji Berry and Dry Fig in Red Sugar (CNY2019)


Beetroot Soup with Mushroom and Tofu