5 Quick and Easy Homecooked Cantonese Recipes for Beginner

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Cantonese home-cooked food, for me, is the sweet, alcoholic and meaty Cantonese sausage steamed on top of the steamed rice in my tiny electric rice cooker, at the kitchen of the dormitory in University of Stirling; it’s the must-have stir-fried green leafy vegetable, usually Choy-sum, Gai-lan (Chinese broccoli) or Chinese lettuce, in any dinner meal; it’s a pot of hearty seasonal soup that takes me a whole Saturday afternoon for preparing and simmering; it’s a bowl of nicely steamed rice with golden crispy rice crust. It’s a plate of patiently braised dry shiitake mushrooms in fine quality with dry scallop and oyster.

Here I share with you five recipes of my Cantonese dish. They are easy to prepare, no professional and complicated culinary skill needed. And the ingredients are some of the most representative Cantonese food and can be easily obtained in most Chinese grocery stores worldwide.

How to cook steamed rice with cast iron pot


Autumn soup – Pumpkin Soup in Chinese soup style

秋日南瓜湯 - 廣式靚湯

Cantonese Fried Rice Ver.2


Spicy Chinese Eggplant and Minced Pork Stir-fry, Cantonese style


Seafood Tofu Soup, in homecooking style