5 home-cooked Chinese dishes I make often

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Though there are more than 100 recipes in my page, some of them are prepared more often than others no matter in what season. They are those whenever I don’t know what to cook for dinner I would think of.

Being a Cantonese, I eat Cantonese home-cooked food most of time. Stir-fried green leafy veggies is Cantonese’s meal essential. Choy-sum (Chinese broccoli) is the most consumed leafy vegetable in Cantonese regions, no matter in Canton (Guangdong) province or in Hong Kong. I sometimes add a little local dried mini fish in the stir-fried vegetable.

I have been on diet for a year and have to eat chicken breast which is not my favourite part in chicken, so I have thought about how to make it tastier. Using more fresh herbs, such as green onion, can flavour the chicken and reduce the consumption of salt, sugar and soy sauce.

It’s getting colder recently and I love to cook in my cast iron casserole. My most cooked casserole dishes are Cantonese spicy chicken casserole and iron pot rice (instead of clay pot rice), though I can have them all year round. And yes, though using electric rice cooker is much more convenient, to steam rice in cast iron casserole is my favourite way to cook rice.

When being asked what the most popular Chinese dish, most Chinese would answer Tomato and Egg Stir-fry. This starter-level Chinese dish is easy to prepare, tasty and suitable to all, no matter old or young. There are various ways to cook this signature dish, even mine is different from my parents’. Some people would love to add a little ketchup to make the flavour richer, however, for health reason, I wouldn’t, I have my own trick to replace ketchup.

Stir-fried Chinese Broccoli with Mini Dry Fish


Chicken Breast in Green Onion Dressing


Pot dish in cold night – Cantonese Chicken Casserole, get to know Cantonese cooking wine


Cantonese Sausage Clay-pot Rice with Cast Iron Pot


Tomato and Egg Stir-fry without Ketchup