Balanced Chinese Dish with Spring Vegetables

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There are more and more fresh seasonal vegetable in the market, such as peas and sprouts. Spring vegetable is delicate, sweet, crispy but tender. Among all, I like bamboo shoot the most, which is particularly juicy and sweet in springtime.

In Chinese or Cantonese cooking, balance is essential, such as greasy meat with vegetable. Texture is also important, such as different levels of crunchiness, softness with crispiness.

Stir-fried Scallop with Mixed Crunchy Vegetables (CNY2019)


Bamboo Shoot and Chicken Soup


Scallop, Tofu and Pumpkin Soup with Salty Egg Yolk Paste


Stir-fried Garlic Sprout and Pork Belly with Preserved Fish Paste


Stir-fried Bamboo Shoot with Pork Belly in Dou-ban Sauce