Potato Pancake


Published: January 4, 2019

I posted these potato pancakes for breakfast a few days ago and friends required me to write the recipe, so I made them again this morning. Don’t worry, if it’s for breakfast, it would be quick and easy. I don’t spend a lot of time in preparing breakfast. Who can?

Serve 2

Ingredients –
Potato, two, about 500g after peeled;
Shiitake mushroom, 4 or 5, or any other types of mushroom you like;
Spring onion, chopped, put in as many as you prefer, I have 1 cup here. It’s optional but I would suggest to have it;
All-purpose flour, about 1/2 cup;
Salt, 2tsp;
White pepper, 1tsp.

How to do –
1. Prepare the ingredients. Potato shredded, mushroom sliced, spring onion chopped;
2. In a big mixing bowl, put in the shredded potato, salt and white pepper, mix and you would see liquid in the bowl;

3. Now blend in the flour. I don’t put in any water so only need a small amount of flour, about half cup. If your potato is juicy then you might need a little bit more flour, if not, reduce the flour. Anyway, the batter shouldn’t be runny at all;
4. Put in the mushroom and mix gently;
5. Put in the spring onion at last and mix gently;

6. I don’t like the pancake too big so I would use a small pan or a larger one to pan-fry two at once. Heat the pan and put in some olive oil, spoon the batter in the pan and shape it. Gently flatten the batter but don’t press it. Keep medium heat otherwise the potato would be uncooked. Pan-fry double sides till golden and turn up the heat at last to make it crispy;
7. Serve hot. I like to eat with black pepper and mayonnaise.

With the same method, you could use any other vegetables instead of mushroom, any leftover vegetables, such as carrot, cabbage, leek, etc.


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