Red Bean and Pumpkin Pancake


Published: December 10, 2018

Our dinner table is now my pal’s working desk and I am looking for a new one. So I have had my breakfast on my desk recently. I had black Turkish coffee, granola on yoghurt and pan-fried red bean pumpkin pancakes this morning. Autumn is pumpkin season here. There are pumpkins or squashes in different shapes in the market nowadays. I remember my grandma would add sugar when poaching pumpkin chunks and my dad would fry pumpkin slices with preserved soy bean! Errrr, to be honest, I really didn’t like them at all! So when I started cooking, I practiced what pumpkin dishes I prefer. One of them is pumpkin pancake. In this recipe, I also use some of the candied red beans I made last week.

Ingredients –
Pumpkin, 300g;
Glutinous rice flour, 2 cups;
All purposes flour, 1/2 cup;
Candied red bean, 1 cup. If you don’t have, don’t worry, pumpkin pancake itself is good enough.

How to do –
1. Cut the pumpkin into big chunks and steam till they are cooked;
2. Put them in a big mixing bowl and mash. I usually taste it to see if it needs a bit more seasoning. The one I bought today is too sweet I actually add a small pinch of salt in to balance the sweetness;
3. Add in the flour. It’s hard to calculate how much flour is needed for some pumpkins are very moist and some others may be not. So what I would do is to add flour gradually till the dough won’t stick to your hand. This time I used about 2 cups of glutinous rice flour and half cup of all purposes flour. Pumpkin pancakes are supposed to be rice flour pancakes but I prefer to add in a little flour to reduce the stickiness and chewiness of the pancakes;
4. When the dough is done, let it rest for half an hour;
5. Now let’s make the pancakes. It’s real easy. Remember to lightly flour the rolling pin and cutting board. Roll the dough into big and thick sheet, spread a layer of red beans on top, and roll the sheet over. Rice flour dough is quite soft and easy to break so at this stage it might not look good. Don’t worry, you can shape it later;
6. Cut the long dough into chunks, slightly shape the chunk into round shape and press it down, our pancakes are done;
7. If you don’t have the red bean for fillings, just roll the dough into long stick and cut it into big chunks;
8. Oil in hot pan, pan-fry the pancakes in medium heat with lid on for about 3 minutes for one side. Make sure the dough is totally cooked.

I made 20 pancakes with this dough and kept in fridge. Make sure to reheat them in pan before serving. Glutinous rice pancakes would become hard in fridge. Pumpkin pancake is a sweet dim sum that it’s better to have it with black coffee or tea, good to serve in breakfast or afternoon tea.

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