Candied Red Beans, with Pancakes and Matcha Syrup


Published: October 13, 2018

Red bean has been used in many Asian cuisines, such as soup, sweet soup, dessert, paste, etc. It’s a long-loved food ingredient in East Asia. I bought some good red beans that are plump and big. Besides making the typical Cantonese red bean sweet soup, I would like to make more different foods with them. But first of all, I would like to candy them.

Ingredients –
Red bean, 2 cups. Red beans aren’t expensive, so if there are those bigger size available at your local grocery store, do purchase them. Good quality red bean wouldn’t need much time in soaking and cooking;
Water, 4cups;
1 raw slab sugar, 100g. Or any sugar can do.

How to do –
1. Red beans are very hard so they need soaking in water. Do it overnight or for at least several hours. When they can be pressed down then they are good to be cooked;
2. Put them in a soup pot, add 4 cups of water, bring to boil and simmer in medium heat for one hour. For how long they should be cooked depends on the quality of the red beans. Have a try constantly to see if they need a bit more time, they are ready when they turn starchy;
3. Add the sugar in, stir well with the beans and turn up the heat to reduce the liquid, keep stirring;
4. Turn off the heat when the liquid is almost dried out. Lid on and let them steam for a while;
5. Transfer to a bowl and keep in fridge, take whenever you want.

My simplest way to have it is to have morning pancakes with it. Also I have a bottle of matcha syrup. Matcha and red bean are perfect match in many Asian desserts!


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