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Steamed Pork Ribs and Towel Gourd with Shredded Hot Pickled Mustard Tuber


Today, Hongkong is under the attack of Hurricane Mangkhut. It’s considered one of the most dreadful hurricanes in recent years. Under the influence of the storm, it’s tremendously windy and rainy today. Though by now at dusk, Mangkhut is departing gradually and winds are weakening, there will be flooding for a few days. Most people would remain home for these two days till Tuesday. Since typhoon is so common here, people would get prepared beforehand. I have stored enough food for these few days, mostly those can be kept in fridge, meat, egg, tofu and vegetables without leaves, such as potato, tomato, guards, etc., those won’t easily go bad.

In such a horrible day, I would like to make some hearty food. Steamed food is usually considered comfort food for Cantonese, thus, I steamed pork ribs with towel gourd, with a little hot pickled mustard tuber. Towel gourd is also called Sponge Cucumber. As its name suggests, it can absorb juice or sauce. Hot pickled mustard tuber is the most common pickle that can be obtained easily in any supermarket or grocery store. It can be side dish with congee, or fried with shredded pork, or steamed with pork.

Serve 2 to 3

Ingredients –
Pork ribs, 500g, chopped in bite size, you could ask your butcher to do it for you;
One towel gourd, about 350g, peeled and cut into 1cm thick;
Hot pickled mustard tuber, 1/4 cup, usually shredded;
Garlic, 4 cloves, finely chopped. Garlic and towel gourd are good partners.

Seasoning ingredients –
Powdered white pepper, 1/4tsp;
Sugar, 1/2tsp;
Starch powder, 1tbsp;
Light soy sauce, 2tbsp.

How to do –
1. Marinade the pork ribs with white pepper, sugar, starch powder, and light soy sauce for about 10 minutes. Then mix well with the garlic and pickle;
2. Bed the towel gourd and top them with the pork in a deep plate;
3. Water in pot, bring to boil, and steam the dish in high heat for 10 minutes. In case the steam would drop in the plate, I would like to wrap the lid with a cotton kitchen cloth, or you could cover the plate with cling film;
4. Hot pickled mustard tuber is usually very salty so I would suggest not to put too much salt or soy sauce first. Have a taste before serving to see if you need a nip of salt or some more drops of soy sauce for seasoning;
5. Serve with rice.

Steamed pork ribs is a very classic Cantonese dish and towel gourd is also one of Cantonese favourite vegetables. Together these two become a balanced meal.

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