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Wax Guard and Wild Fungus and Red Mushroom Soup


It’s September already and there isn’t any sign of getting cooler. Temperature remains high, however, it turns drier and windier. I have gradually sensed autumn in the air, thus, it’s suitable to have soup that can nourish the body but not heavy.

Mum gave me some dry wild yellow fungi and red mushrooms (or Vinous Russula, I looked up the food dictionary). According to Chinese herbal medicine, yellow fungus can help to cure high blood pressure and speed up the process of metabolism. Red mushroom can stimulate one’s appetite and help to detoxify the body. They both have deep earthy wooden flavour. They are produce of mountains in North Canton and difficult to obtain. Whereas, wax guard is a most common vegetable that can be found any time in the year. It’s a popular soup ingredient for Cantonese. When making soup, my family usually keep its tough skin since the skin has medical value as well. But I prefer to peel it off, I like the guard melt in the soup.

Serve 3-4

Ingredients –
wax guard 700g
pork ribs 600g, or lean pork
2 yellow fungi
6 red mushrooms
1 dry fig, for natural sweetening, optional

How to do –
1. Prepare the ingredient. The skin of wax guard is too tough to peel off by a peeler. Use a knife to cut it off. Also cut off the spongy white part in the middle and the seeds. Cut into big chunks;
2. Poach the ribs in water till the blood and dirty bits float in the water, then wash the ribs in clean water;
3. Soak the yellow fungi in water for about 2 hours, it would expand a lot. Cut off the tough part in the root, then tear apart to bite size;
4. Soak the red mushrooms for 15 minutes and wash;
5. Put all ingredient in a deep pot, add eight cups of water. Bring to boil and simmer for one hour in medium low heat.

A nip of salt for seasoning. Don’t overdoes. Cantonese soups aren’t supposed to be salty.

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