Satay Chicken and Green Bean Noodle Salad


Published: August 10, 2018

Quick and flavourful one plate meal before yoga again! In such a hot summer dusk, I would like to make something light and cool before exercise. Satay is a typical Southeast Asian cuisine and Cantonese food have been influenced by Southeast Asian culture so satay sauce is quite easy to be obtained anywhere.

Ingredients –
One chicken breast, half pickled onion (or fresh), one small pickled cucumber (or fresh), handful of wide green bean noodle, candied peanut (optional)

Seasoning ingredients –
Satay sauce, soy sauce, starch powder, sugar, and Shaoxing wine

How to do –
1. Soak the green bean noodle in cold water. Green bean noodle is similar to potato noodle or sweet potato noodle. They are much chewier than rice noodle. There are different shapes of them. The one I have in my rack is in wide thin shape;
2. Shred the chicken breast and marinate with satay sauce, soy sauce, starch powder, sugar, and a little Shaoxing wine;
3. Shred the vegetables. I have always had pickles in fridge during summer so I just use them. I like their sourness. But any fresh vegetables are good enough;
4. Poach the noodle in water till they are translucent. It shouldn’t take long if you soak them beforehand. Put in icy water right away and drain off the water;
5. Fry the chicken. Have a taste, and because the noodle hasn’t been seasoned, the chicken can be a bit more salty than usual;
6. I happen to have candied peanut so I just grind some and sprinkle on top;
7. Now then what you need is to mix! It’s full of sweet, sour and nutty tastes.


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