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Friends came visiting so I prepared some mochi for tea snacks. Unlike making riceballs, making mochi needs other technique. Mochi is a very popular snack in Asia since most Asian like chewy texture. I have made it many times and this recipe worked most perfectly. I have some candied almond flake and pork floss in fridge so I coated the mochi with them, one sweet one savoury.

Ingredients –
Glutinous rice flour, 80g;
Corn starch, 20g;
Milk, 130g;
Sugar, 10g;
Butter, non-salted, melted, 15g.

How to do –
1. Mix flour with milk and sugar, stir well till there’s no lump;
2. Pour the mixture into a deep plate and steam for 20 minutes in high heat;
3. Mix the butter with the dough. You may need a wooden spoon for help at the beginning because the dough is very hot. When it cools down a little, use hands to knead the dough till all butter melted in. Be patient;
4. Divide the dough into small portions and coat them with sweet peanut powder, sweet soybean powder, cocoa powder, or coconut floss. Or you could wrap red bean paste or chocolate in the balls.

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